to B an ENDIAN or not that is the Q.

Robert J. Brown rj "at"
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 06:23:36 +0000

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Kosse <BKosse "at"> writes:

    Ben> Do you have access to a PowerPC based system? I think that
    Ben> PPC systems are big endian so you should be able to test
    Ben> that. I may try it with some of the macs up here at work
    Ben> tomorrow if I can. Of course, someone could make a fool out
    Ben> of me and tell me that PPC's aren't big endian. I wouldn't
    Ben> mind.

I think the problem may lie in using the xfree86 version of X11 under
linux on both endianess machines without setting all the configuration 
options properly.  The vnc stuff uses the xfree86 stuff when it runs
under linux if I am not mistaken.  If you misconfigure one endianess
and then both serve and view on the same type of machine, it will work 
anyway, since the misconfiguration cancels itself out in that case.
It will only show up when a misconfigured server talks to a properly
configured viewer, or vice versa.

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