Possible fix for Sparc Linux.

Sean Mathews mathewss "at" nutech.com
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 06:16:53 +0000

 Don't get yer hopes tooo high but i found something..
I will test it tomarrow since my compile of this thing
takes about 4 hours :( on my pooooor old sparc classic 2

I must assume those out there who are having
sparc probs have already patched the linux.cf and Imake.cf
to include the appropriate settings as i have done from
a news posting i found to add support for sparc linux or
umm well ya wouldn't have even gotten it to compile..

 so here is what i found.
in /Xvnc/programs/Xserver/mfb 
i found several references to #if defined(sparc) etc etc
where in my linux.cf i have 

#ifdef SparcArchitecture
#define OptimizedCDebugFlags    -O2
#define LinuxMachineDefines     -D__sparc__
#define ServerOSDefines         XFree86ServerOSDefines -DDDXTIME 
#define ServerExtraDefines      -DGCCUSAGES XFree86ServerDefines
#endif /* SparcArcitecture */ 

and Imake.cf undefines 'sparc' not sure whats up with all
of this but i must assume we have some problems here in 

 I am not sure if __sparc__ or sparc is the appropriate 
define for the architecture. I must assume they are both
correct as mfbply1rct.c as done by the Xconsortium
checks for 'sparc' and the patch i did uses __sparc__ and
most hardware tags like this usualy have __ 
anyway i did this.

#define LinuxMachineDefines     -D__sparc__ -Dsparc

 so hopefully by tomarrow morning i will know more unless
someone has a faster box and test it tonight.. Ither way
i say it should be defind as both specificly since
the Xconsortium is looking for 'sparc' and if its not
defined there are some interesting differences in how some
operations are done.

 Welp off to bed for me and let the box cruch all night.

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

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