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    >>  Ok for starts im running some not so common stuff.
    >> linux RH 5.2 running on a sparc classic 2
    >> and does anyone have any ideas on my scrambled display?

    VNC-List>   This seems to be a problem with running Linux on
    VNC-List> sparcs.  I have a similar problem running Debian Linux
    VNC-List> on a Sparc 1.

    VNC-List>   By the looks of things the server is sending the
    VNC-List> information 'backwards' So the display ends up being
    VNC-List> mirrored left/right on the viewer (Letters end up being
    VNC-List> backwards and so on).  have a look at


    VNC-List> for an example.  The edges of the clock certainly seem
    VNC-List> to be mirrored if you take into account the fact that
    VNC-List> the information is sent across in small rectangular
    VNC-List> sections.

    VNC-List>   So the next question is... Anyone have any ideas why
    VNC-List> this is happening?

Endianiasis: n. a case of wrong-endian data, where wrong-endian means
one side is big-endian, and the other side is little endian.  Intel
and sparc have opposite endianess.

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