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>> [ ]"Remote" instances would not show up on the server computer (be hidden)
>> screen, but only on remote computers?
>No.  Windows doesn't update any windows which aren't physically displayed
>(i.e. on the visible desktop.)  Even under Windows Terminal Server, if a
>virtual desktop isn't displayed then no graphics events occur for it.

but NT actually has the concept of multiple desktops... (probably why M$
keeps claiming its multi-user.. yeah right...) there is the 'DESKTOP' as in
the one that actually gets displayed, and there is/are (not sure on the
exact #) other 'hidden' or nondisplayed desktops.  witness services that
have guis... if they do not have the 'interactive' setting set, they do not
show up on the physical display.  however, they still have windows and have
graphic updates.  hence the possibility to write an NT service in VB. (stop
laughing... i've seen it done.  its quite stoopid, but possible)  Also see
the resource kit tools that allow you to run multiple desktops
(vdesk,desktops,topdesk) and these all implement multiple desktops on an NT
That being said, are you saying that the graphic events dont happen on a
hidden window??? i cant believe that is true since as i've composed this,
i've used those tools to swap desktops and this emailer still seems to have
been doing its auto-stuff (which all use window events...) or does it all
refresh once the desktop becomes active??? 

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