vnc-list-digest V1 #155 raoul "at"
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 13:26:22 +0000

Couple of things:

Under SunOS 4.1.4, the X11R6.3 source tree included in the Xvnc
software has real compilation problems with an X11R6.4 tree already in
place due to using the already in place config files. I have written
patches for it that seem to work just fine: they are at, and also require downloading the
X11R6.4 source at or a mirror site.

I would post SunOS binaries, but am concerned about US encryption
"policies" and don't wish to cause difficulties for my worksite.

Under RedHat 5.2, I've run into the following difficulties:

The vncserver script fails miserably: the 'require "sys/"' command
barfs on the version of Perl included with RedHat 5.2. A similar version
from the RedHat contrib site gets past this, but then the getDisplayNumber
subscript fails to successfully return a value.

Last: it's a stunning pain in the neck to remember to use ":1" or ":2"
for window numbers in the variables for vncserver, and it would also
be useful to have a "-flush" option that would clear all VNC servers
on a host, and/or a "-list" option to show all the running servers.
And it seems odd to use perl for the vncserver script when the entire rest
of the distribution is written in C and in shell. It requires users to maintain
an entirely separate package for no other purpose. Don't get me wrong,
I *like* perl, it just seems slightly unnecessary for this purpose. Or is
that done for portability reasons, to non-UNIX OS's?

I like the software and am recommending it to other people: I'd like
to see these issues dealt with to improve its performance.

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