Uggg what a long 40 hrs this has been :c)

Sean Mathews mathewss "at"
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 00:32:24 +0000

 Ok for starts im running some not so common stuff.

linux RH 5.2 running on a sparc classic 2

 I first downloaded the src and began the process of building
the client build very fast no problems. The server was another story.
first build didnt go it died and i was left grep news groups till
i found the patch for sparc linux.. applied the patch and did a build
again.. Ok went find took for ever but it did it. Then i did a make
install and tried to run the server perl startup script.. that failed
so i debuted it and changed the socket include to use socket
and it started but crashed. checked the logs and found i dont have
a 100dpi font so i modified the startup to remove that font.
ok now its running.   Connect my nt box client to the server
and get a garbaged display its almot legible.. but bairly fonts
are scrambled and things like xclock are umm well its like some 
kind of blit scramble. its there but the arms of the clock are jaged
and turned around and stuff. So thats my current problem.
second problem is now when i go to startx to get my plain old
xserver running it wont start with this error
_X11TransSocketUnixConnect: Can't connect: error = 2

 so why did this fry my original X server? how do i get it back?

and does anyone have any ideas on my scrambled display?

 Thanks in advance for any help...

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

struct SoftwareProfessional { 
  double salary;
  long   lunches;
  float  jobs;
  char   unstable;
  void   work;
  short  tempers; 

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