Remoting single applications

Carroll, Patrick S psc59782 "at"
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 20:06:10 +0000

This may have been discussed before,

Is it possible to have future versions of VNC do the following...

[ ]Remote an single application (standard Windows App) to a remote computer?
[ ]Have multiple instances of this app (if it supports it as many do) run in
the same Windows session, but remoted to different computers?
[ ]"Remote" instances would not show up on the server computer (be hidden)
screen, but only on remote computers?

How would this affect licensing of applications that are only to be
installed on one computer?  I would be looking to run (only one instance at
a time) an application that many could use, but could not get physical
access to the computer that it is installed on.  Also, the server computer
should still be free to run applications locally without seeing the remoted
app on the screen, just taking up resources and processor time.

Crazy idea or useless?  Not sure, but might be interesting if it could be

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