VNC over Wingate

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber "at"
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:11:27 +0000

mnott "at",Internet writes:
>Hello all,
>perhaps this is a faq, but anyone here realised using vncviewer through
>a wingate? I was unable to do so either with Wingate 2.1 or with 3.0.
>Please reply via eMail, as well.
I forget which wingate I am running, but yes, I have done it.  Absolutely
simple, just set up a TCP mapping from an unused port on the wingate
machine to the VNC port of the machine you want to reach.  If you are
inside the wingate network, you will have to set up a seperate mapping for
every machine you want to reach.  A little tedious, but it works well.  I
actually was controlling a machine(which was running wingate, the free
single user version), and at the same time connected through that machine
to another one, and controlling that machine also, each in their own

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