Blue Screen running VNC Server as service on NT4

Wade Maxfield maxfield "at"
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 20:27:39 +0000

    There are known BSOD (blue screen of death) problems with the vga drivers
before service pack 2.  If you have installed any software after you installed
the NT system and the SP3 module, you must reapply the SP3, as the versioning
control did not always work.

    In other words, installs of software will sometimes replace a newer (SP3
version) dll or system file with an older dll or system file.  This can cause
all kinds of BSODS or other problems.


Laine Stump wrote:

> I have an NT machine (4.0 SP1) that I want to put on a rack and access
> completely via VNC. My needs are simple, so I just installed the basic VGA
> driver. Unfortunately, as soon as I log out of the machine (the NT system
> logout, not VNC), I immediately get a Blue Screen of Death that says it did
> an exception 1E (probably a null pointer dereference) somewhere in
> ntoskrnl.exe (called from vga.dll). This is very consistent. I get the same
> BSoD if the NT machine is in a "logged out" state when I first connect with
> VNC - as soon as I type in the password and hit "ok", the NT machine dies.
> Operations while logged in all seem to be fine.
> Has anyone else seen this? Any hints (other than "install a different VGA
> driver", or "install SP3" - I'm pretty sure the thing that required SP3 was
> the installation, and that seemed to go fine on my machine, and a different
> VGA driver is a bit problematic, since I'm installing on one machine, and
> will later ship the disk to another state where it will be installed into a
> different machine that has some other random VGA card).

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