Blue Screen running VNC Server as service on NT4

Laine Stump lainestump "at"
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 19:51:54 +0000

I have an NT machine (4.0 SP1) that I want to put on a rack and access
completely via VNC. My needs are simple, so I just installed the basic VGA
driver. Unfortunately, as soon as I log out of the machine (the NT system
logout, not VNC), I immediately get a Blue Screen of Death that says it did
an exception 1E (probably a null pointer dereference) somewhere in
ntoskrnl.exe (called from vga.dll). This is very consistent. I get the same
BSoD if the NT machine is in a "logged out" state when I first connect with
VNC - as soon as I type in the password and hit "ok", the NT machine dies.

Operations while logged in all seem to be fine.

Has anyone else seen this? Any hints (other than "install a different VGA
driver", or "install SP3" - I'm pretty sure the thing that required SP3 was
the installation, and that seemed to go fine on my machine, and a different
VGA driver is a bit problematic, since I'm installing on one machine, and
will later ship the disk to another state where it will be installed into a
different machine that has some other random VGA card).

Thanks for any info you might have.

Laine Stump

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