Win95 and tray icon

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Sat, 05 Dec 1998 21:44:26 +0000

Win 95/98 does not have services in the NT sense.  It's version of services
are simply programs that are run independently of user session and are
located in

Simon Dean

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Date: 05 December 1998 19:16
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>Nope, no services.  I'm just trying to run it from the start menu, no
special switches in the command line, long after Win95 is started up.  Can
you even run things as services in Win95?  Still, no tray icon.
>>Are you running VNC Server as a service because this causes VNC Server to
>>create a tray icon before the tray bar has been loaded and so no such icon
>>is actually made.  a similar thing happens when explorer crashes and the
>>task bar get reloaded.  To get around this VNC Server would have to
>>regularly recreate the tray icon when it is running.
>>>I've talked about this problem before, in 3.3.2r2 of the server.  I was
>>hopeful that it would be fixed in r5, but it doesn't look like it has.  I
>>get no tray icon for the VNC server, even though the server is running.  I
>>am running Windows95 B on an AMD 486-100.
>>>Does anyone know what causes this problem, or how it might be fixed?
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