Accessing WinVNC on a locked WinNT4.0 server

James [Wez] Weatherall jnw "at"
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 17:17:28 +0000

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, David Starks-Browning wrote:

> James,
> I and my colleagues would like this feature too, at least as a
> configurable option.  That is, we would like to be able to connect to
> a locked workstation, sending CTL-ALT-DEL to trigger the screenlock
> password dialog.  At the moment it doesn't seem to work.  Sending
> CTL-ALT-DEL returns "connection refused" ("closed"?).  I
> read <> and didn't see anything
> about how to overcome this.  Could you explain what we are supposed to
> find in the documentation?

Read the documentation at on running WinVNC as a service
for information about this.

If you run WinVNC as a standard application then it only has priveliges
enough to access the current user's desktop, not the screen-saver or logon
desktops.  When running as a service, however, WinVNC has SYSTEM
priveliges which allow it to hook any desktops on the local display.

The FAQ and Docs do seem to be rather lacking with regard to this
particular issue.  I'll ask Quentin to 'upgrade' them a little!


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