A little success story..

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber "at" STEV.net
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 02:51:45 +0000

I support some people's home machines, one of which is a 2 machine
network, (W95 and W98) connected with 10bT, sharing a dial up using
wingate (which is a cool program by the way) and when I need to dig this
guy out of the latest hole he has gotten himself into I can control the
dial up machine like any other, and I have set up a TCP mapping in wingate
mapping an empty port to the normal VNC port on his second machine, and
can control both machine simultaneously.  In fact, I am running a P166,
and his machines are a PII 400(dial up machine) and P200MMX, and can have
each of his machines in a window, and get usable speed out of both.  I am
using a 28.8 dial up, he a 56K dial up. 

 I handle the privacy/security problems very simply, when he calls with a
problem, I tell him to run winipcfg and tell my his IP #, then I tell him
to run VNC as an app, not a service.  That way he doesn't have to worry
about someone accessing his machine other than when He allows it.  

I think in a helpdesk situation, especially when dealing with technically
insecure people, it is better not to have a shortcut set up, actually talk
them through start-run-"winvnc" because command line stuff always gives
people a feeling that you know what you are doing, and how to help them,
and that is usually half the battle.

Love your program, thanks guys.

"Proximity to wonder has blunted our perception and appreciation of it"
--Tim Hartnell in 'Exploring ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on your Commodore 64'

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