Accessing WinVNC on a locked WinNT4.0 server

Nathan Black nblack "at"
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:58:10 +0000

I have recently installed VNC on my two NT 4.0 servers where it is working
perfectly.  The problem is, when I went home and tried to access the servers
from my home computer I could not access WinVNC.  I could get the servers to
send the VNC password request, but after I entered the password the
connection was closed.  It took some mucking about to discover that when I
lock my server at work, WinVNC would not allow any clients to log on.  This
seems to be a security feature in VNC, but I see no obvious way to disable
it.  Is there an option to do this (or perhaps a modification in the
registry)?  This is important for me as I cannot just leave my servers
unlocked when I am not around. Thanks in advance!

Nathan Black
LAN Support I
ASA Administration
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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