Home/work connection with vnc

Simon Roberts sjr "at" asdis.de
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 14:49:04 +0000

Ian Jones wrote:

> (1)     I would like to dial directly from home to my work PC modem (it may
> speed up the connection omitting the internet) and maybe use something like
> the windows network neighbourhood to connect the two PC's directly - again
> with VNC. The reason for this is that I notice in NT, amongst the settings,
> there appears to be a dial back facility and I would like to dial to my
> modem directly from home and have it call me back.  Can anyone provide me
> with some details if this is possible?
> (2)     Following on from (1) is there a way of transferring files using the
> windows facilities if (1) can be set up. I feel I shouldn't have to use
> additional facilities like an ftp server

In answer to (1):

Yes this is possible. You need to install the remote access service on your NT
system. I would recommend configuring it so that it just provides a TCP/IP
connection and allocates an IP address to your home system when you dial in. In
our network we reserved a bock of IP addresses in our internal subnet for this

Dialback is very straightforward to configure using the Remote Access Admin

In answer to (2):

You should be able to access shared volumes on the NT system directly - assuming
that you have the correct permissions.

I hope this helps!

Simon Roberts
BB-DATA Systemhaus GmbH
Berlin, Germany

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