Home/work connection with vnc

Ian Jones i.s.jones "at" livjm.ac.uk
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 12:45:01 +0000

I hope someone may be able to help me with a fairly general query:

I want to connect my PC at work (running NT4.0, with internet connection
through my university, also with attached external modem) to my home PC
(running windows 95 with modem and connection to internet). I have
established a route from home by connecting to the internet and putting in
my work PC IP number. VNC works in a very stable fashion
(1)     I would like to dial directly from home to my work PC modem (it may
speed up the connection omitting the internet) and maybe use something like
the windows network neighbourhood to connect the two PC's directly - again
with VNC. The reason for this is that I notice in NT, amongst the settings,
there appears to be a dial back facility and I would like to dial to my
modem directly from home and have it call me back.  Can anyone provide me
with some details if this is possible?
(2)     Following on from (1) is there a way of transferring files using the
windows facilities if (1) can be set up. I feel I shouldn't have to use
additional facilities like an ftp server

Many thanks in anticipation of your help

Ian Jones

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