Multiple Xvnc at boot time?

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Wed, 02 Dec 1998 01:11:36 +0000

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Thank you very much your fast reply...  I got some problem running vncserver.
It used to work, but maybe its because I upgraded RedHat 5.1 to RedHat 5.2, or
maybe I just changed WMFM95 to KDE..  Before I figure it out, I cannot try.


Marcos Assis Silva wrote:

> On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, John Lin wrote:
> |o| I am running RedHat 5.2.  How can I start many vncserver at the boot
> |o| time for many users.  It seems that the user has to login and then run
> |o| vncserver.  Is there any way I can start vncserver for multiple users in
> |o| /etc/rc.local?
> |o|
>         I've  done it  in  a SUN / Solaris box  via xdm  (dtlogin, CDE
> equivalent  of  xdm, as a matter of fact). /etc/inittab spawns as many
> vncservers as  I  wish,  all of  them querying localhost  (XDMCP), and
> there's a boot script that  launches a  dtlogin  / xdm  instance  that
> provides login / X sesssion  services for those VNC virtual X terms. I
> suggest "man xdm" for details ...
>         Of  course,  there are security concerns here ... specially if
> you take into account that anynone (vncviewer) can connect to a server
> if the "visitor" knows the password to be granted access. I don't have
> that  many users who would like to use VNC features. So, I run one VNC
> server instance for each of those users. Each instance uses a password
> file stored into  the home dir of the user the instance is intended to
> serve. An entry to start a VNC server   instance in /etc/inittab would
> look like
>         d1:234:respawn:/usr/local/vnc/Xvnc :1 -geometry 1024x768 \
>         -rfbauth /home/USER/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5901 -query localhost
>         -once -rfbwait 120000 -desktop 'USER Setup' > \
>         /usr/local/vnc/run/Xvnc:1 2>&1
>         This setup also has the advantage of letting one customize the
> X  resources (e.g.  geometry)  used in  a VNC server instance, meeting
> user preferences without messing with others ones.
>         The  drawback of  having memory allocated for all of those VNC
> servers  ruuning  is lessened by *nix "unused" memory swapping. No big
> concerns from my point of view ...
>         Ok, it's a  limitted  aproach, but  apart from this scenario I
> can't see others where it would be feasible to help users from logging
> in and manually running a vncserver instance.
>         HTH. Regards ...
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