VNC for VMS ?

Andrew Brennan brennan "at"
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 19:52:54 +0000

   Actually, no.  VMS isn't the simplest system where it's devices are
   concerned ... I know the TIA (The Internet Adapter) folks bailed on
   it before actually attempting a port.  There's also the issues that
   are related to multiple TCP/IP implementations (the most common are
   Multinet and UCX, I think, but there are at least three others).  A
   package like VNC would depend heavily on these libraries.  I've had
   terrible times working through problems in code that used the "UCX-
   compatible" nature of Multinet.  It worked, but differences in some
   error processing could consume the system's CPU, etc.

   I never use an X interface directly on the VMS hosts, and instead I
   connect from the X session on my Linux box(es).  Since a Linux port
   already exists (Linux/Alpha??) ... I'm covered.  I wouldn't doubt I
   am too different from the norm.

   andrew.  (brennan "at"

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Virginia Metze wrote:

> I am unable to find that VMS download on the platforms page.  
> VMS still is run on many machines in the scientific environment;
> I would think someone would have done this???

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