Executive profiles

Andy Harter

Andy Harter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Andy Harter is an innovator and entrepreneur. He was Director of Engineering and Research at the AT&T Cambridge Laboratory where he led many hardware and software projects and their successful commercial exploitation. He was responsible for VNC® and its seminal role in establishing the remote access market through open-source initiatives. Andy has a MA and PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge and is a Fellow and Trustee of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow and Trustee of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Visiting Fellow of Cambridge University Computer Laboratory and a Fellow of St Edmund's College Cambridge. He is Chair of the Cambridge Network.

Lily Bacon

Lily Bacon, Founder and Executive Vice-President

With a career spanning both legal and financial professions, Lily Bacon brings a wealth of practical experience and commercial awareness to a wide range of company activities. She has been involved in company strategy and business development from the outset, and has been integral to the growth of the company and its brand. Lily has been responsible for overseeing many aspects of the business, including accounting and finance, sales, marketing, public relations and human resources.

Andy Hopper

Andy Hopper, Founder and Chairman

Andy Hopper is Head of the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge and previously head of the AT&T Cambridge Laboratory. He is well known for successfully forging academic and industrial activities in all aspects of communications technology, and has co-founded a dozen spin-outs and start-ups, three of which floated on stock markets. Professor Hopper is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He was awarded a CBE for services to the computer industry.

Tristan Richardson

Tristan Richardson, Founder and Chief Architect

With a BA in Computer Science from Cambridge and an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing, Tristan Richardson joined the AT&T Cambridge Laboratory and worked on the protocols which underlie VNC. He was the principal architect of the system, having designed the protocols and written reference implementations for UNIX and Java.

Adam Byrne

Adam Byrne, Chief Operating Officer

With a background in Mathematics and Computer Science and a career spent growing IT companies from the ground up, Adam Byrne brings both business and product development skills. He has full responsibility for overseeing day-to-day business operations, and makes valuable contributions to strategy and direction. He is building a worldwide ecosystem of technology partners and licensees in a variety of vertical markets to build value into the brand and reach full commercial potential. Adam’s combination of deep technical knowledge and business acumen is driving growth, particularly in substantial new market-making applications.

Tom Blackie

Tom Blackie, Vice-President Mobile

Tom Blackie leads the mobile division, including mobile device management and integration of smartphones with in-vehicle systems. Previously Tom held executive positions in a number of technology companies providing revolutionary wireless and software products. He was Head of Operations at the Olivetti and Oracle Research Laboratory, Founder and VP Engineering at Adaptive Broadband (NASDAQ listed), Managing Director of Audentify (a division of Autonomy Systems PLC) and COO at Ubisense (now listed on the London AIM market). Tom graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Napier University Edinburgh and holds an MBA from Ashridge Business School.